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What is holding you back from being your best you? Let our personal development coaching and therapeutic practices help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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Whether you are an advanced yogi or a newbie wondering what all this yoga stuff is about, there’s something for everyone.

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Corporate wellness and human resources consulting services are a big part of everyone’s lives so Release Your Wait also focuses on wellness at work through wellness programs and ensuring healthy organizational cultures through stronger human resources departments functionality and efficiency.

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What they’re saying

Thank you so much for being a coach when I needed it, a mental balance when I felt I was spinning out, an emotional guide when I was feeling stressed and couldn’t find my center!
What I really appreciate was how it felt like you truly listened. I cannot express how much simply feeling heard meant to me. On top of that, all the guidance in my professional career and work-life balance I practice to this day!
I still use the easy breathing technique you taught me that I could do right from my chair with deep belly breathes in and out.
You have changed my life for the better.

Bernard, Virginia, United States

Angelique helped me when I was in a very dark and depressed state of my life, both personally and professionally. Each call I had with her always lifted my spirits and pulled me out of the sadness that surrounded me.
Her unique ability to help you find the solution yourself instead of giving advice is a gift. Unlike some other coaches who are mostly giving advice, in my sessions with Angelique I felt a sense of accomplishment as I would reach a solution myself with her guidance.
Not only personally, but her coaching also helped me be a better professional.

AJ, GhaziabadIndia

Angelique delivers an expert yoga workout focused on toning the body and calming the mind.  The mix of regular elements and variety keep the class interesting each week.  Having practised Hatha yoga for many years Qi gong is a little more physically demanding but the resulting blend of feeling relaxed and energised at the same time makes the extra effort well worthwhile.

Jane, London, United Kingdom

Angelique is passionate about yoga and brings this to her classes. She doesn’t just want you to learn the moves, she wants you to understand the benefits of the mental and physical challenges yoga brings. No two classes are the same. Angelique runs an interesting, varied and challenging session to test the abilities of each student. Be prepared to be stretched but always within your capability. Having said that, the classes are also relaxing and rewarding. Angelique will talk through the movements, explaining the benefits of each movement or position. Hard working yet always with an element of fun.

Fran, London, United Kingdom