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Here are my faves, collected from travels, professional and entrepreneur life, and my self-care products.

Funnel Gorgeous Logo

For your one-stop-shop business platform – Funnel Gorgeous

Entropy Organized Logo

For getting the first or next few business clients – Entropy Organized Client Confidence Kit

ConvertKit Logo

For sending business emails without the all-in-one – ConvertKit

By Adrianne Logo

For your best and easiest website setup – By Adrianne

The Template Tribe Logo

For using CANVA templates for EVERYTHING – The Template Tribe

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Logo

For your own health coach journey – IIN

Young Living Logo

For getting balance back in your body and your environment – Young Living Essential Oils

Are you completely overwhelmed at what systems you need to do all the various tasks in your business?

I’ve been there … a few times!

So I went about spending money and doing a bunch of free trials and one year subscriptions in a number of platforms and tools and tried out 2-3 options of everything.

I DO NOT recommend that way for figuring out what works best for you in your business. 

Instead, find the ease in your business and spend time on your fun for the sake of your mental health and do it much faster than I did … grab this list.

I’ve put together an extremely exhaustive list of platforms that I’ve tried, or worked with others on, for the key systems you need in your business.

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