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Here’s what I know about you …

You’re a type-A, results focused badass seasoned woman who has built an amazing life for yourself and your loved ones. 

You know you want more energy and the motivation to achieve your health goals and have success after success in your health journey as you do in your career.

You’ve gotten used to achieving goal after goal, your friends and family are amazed at your success, and to the outside world, your life is one of envy.

So what GIVES? You know how to and are willing to DO THE WORK but sticking to your healthy habits feels like a constant uphill battle that keeps you up at night and secretly has you worrying about the effects as you get older.

Fact is … there are just some things you can’t do alone or control. Understanding that there are things happening to our bodies that seem to work against us in achieving or maintaining good health as we age as women is tough. Changing hormones, slowed metabolism, decreased energy …. There are things not to be controlled but that doesn’t mean optimal health is impossible over 40. Learning the connection and importance of self-care as a key factor in maintaining health as we get older is key. And realizing that maybe you can’t do it yourself.

Sometimes, all that success you’ve got in life just gets in the way of your health, and you just need to figure out what works for you now, rather than what used to work, to break through.

My Shift Happens Story and What It Means for You …

Luv, I see you. I’m Angelique, and I know all about what you’re going through. The struggle is REAL! In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me…

I used to be really skinny (nickname was toothpick, seriously, keep that to yourself), and I could eat anything and never gain a pound. I didn’t believe the hype about maintaining my weight being difficult after 40. As I approached my 40s I was overweight, stressed out, frustrated that I didn’t have time to change my situation but I “looked” okay to others. So I designed the The SHIFT Method with 3 key pillars: which focuses on the connection between self-care and mindset through to the nutrition and movement we do and don’t get to do. It changed everything for me because it wasn’t about my healthy plan for my demographic but for ME.

I started Release Your Wait because years ago I noticed all my loved ones were waiting on something to live their fabulous lives and then I noticed that it wasn’t just my family. Too many humans are simply surviving in this life rather than thriving and I am here to help as many as I can make the SHIFT and stop waiting. You can call me The Wait Lifter! 

I hear time and time again, “once I lose these last ten pounds, I’ll buy a new wardrobe,” or “after I pay off my credit card, I’ll book that trip to Europe,” or how about, “once I get this promotion at work, I’ll take some time off and rest.” This is your life … happening right now … and all the things you want to do that you aren’t doing, all tie back to your health. And it starts with getting the self-care sorted now!

If you notice, I go back and forth on between self-care and health and that’s because they aren’t separate aspects of your life. They are one and the same because the priority you give to your health IS self-care, they are not mutually exclusive but interconnected. And I’m talking way beyond baths and massages.

I’ve been helping my loved ones and clients for the last decade in creating success in all areas of life so they can thrive in this life and have a health journey they can be proud of, without all the typical B.S. that comes along with losing weight and getting healthy as we become more seasoned and fabulous.

For me and how I approach work with clients, the SHIFT Method focuses on self-care as the foundation for optimal health and a great looking body.

My favorite thing about this work is that we get to throw out all the things the patriarchy and society tells us we must do as women of color getting older. It’s about doing what is good for your mind, body, and spirit that must be what you enjoy or it will never last.

So if you’re ready to experience health without the frustration and overwhelm and stop agonizing about what worst-case scenario will play out in your future so you can get back to your healthy routines, actually stick to them this time, look the best you’ve ever looked, and finally feel hopeful and accomplished, let’s talk.

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